Karen Stary

As a writer who has recently had my novel published, I knew that with the expertise of publisher Karen Hodges Miller that my work would be handled professionally. With over twenty years of experience, she has an exceptional eye for editing and proofreading. Although most editors and publishers, I’m sure, could claim similar credentials, Karen Hodges Miller brings other unique attributes than just a polished written work. She is an exceptional communicator who cultivates the writer. I realized shortly after submitting my manuscript to her, that she was also assisting me become a better writer.

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Jack Saarela

Not sure that I was capable of writing a complete novel that others would want to read, I worked solo for several years on a manuscript, hired an editor on the internet, and self- published Beginning Again at Zero in 2016. However, unfortunately I knew nothing about self-editing or marketing. But, I did prove to myself that I had it in me to write an interesting novel.

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Meryl Carmel

Writing is by nature such a solitary activity that writers may often find themselves second guessing the validity of their words, often deleting and rewriting in a forest of overlapping pathways, often bringing a writer into confusion, if not self-doubt. But writing to be published should not be a solitary process. Working with Karen, I found a renewed self-confidence. In our ongoing discussions, she was always available, giving abundant time, intuitively listening, and patiently helping me to clarify my intentions with her intelligent and constructive direction for publication.

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