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About Karen

Karen Hodges Miller is CEO and publisher at Open Door Publications, a company that specializes in helping authors navigate the world of publishing in the 21st century. The company assists both published and first-time authors with the wide variety of skills and tasks needed to successfully write, publish, and market a book.

Karen herself has written eight books, both fiction and nonfiction, as well as countless newspaper and magazine articles in her 30-year career. Prior to How to Sell Your Book Today, her latest book on publishing and writing is Self-Publishing: You Can Do This!

You can find out more about Karen Hodges Miller at www.OpenDoorPublications.com, on Twitter @Publisher_KHM, as well as on LinkedIn and www.facebook.com/OpenDoorPublications.

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Reader Reviews

“Karen Hodges Miller’s How to Sell Your Book Today is a treasure trove of information on selling your book in the current digital marketplace. Her primary theme—every day you’re not marketing your book is a day you’re not selling your book—is backed with plenty of suggestions on how to maximize sales by targeting potential readers and reviewers…especially during the ongoing pandemic. But this isn’t just a collection of random tips; it’s a comprehensive plan with detailed exercises, step-by-step instructions, timelines and checklists to get and keep you on track in your marketing efforts. Karen explodes the “if you write it, they will come” myth and discusses why it’s critically important to offer your book in an e-book format in addition to printed copies, the importance of developing and maintaining your own personal brand, and why blogging, virtual book tours and utilizing social media are absolutely essential. Her writing is brisk, witty and right to the point, and she pulls no punches—as she says, there is no “magic bullet” that will generate huge sales.  But she shows you how to generate those sales yourself, and as someone who recently published his first novel, The Killer in the Woods, I can attest to the success of the methods Karen describes, many of which I have implemented. Highly recommended for everyone who wants to achieve maximum sales of their book…which undoubtedly includes all of us who have ever written one.”

Rick Van Etten

Speaking Information

As a successful entrepreneur herself, Karen inspires the best coaches, entrepreneurs and authors to take their book ideas from a vague concept to a completed, published book or e-book.

Topics Include:

  • Finding Time to Write Your Book
  • Unlocking Your Ideas, Your Book from Concept to Publication
  • Writing, Publishing and Marketing Your Book
  • Entrepreneurs: Why You Should Write a Book
  • Navigating Online Publishing Platforms

“Karen is exactly the kind of speaker you want – professional in every way. Working with her was a breeze, and the value provided to my audience was substantial.
She stayed ‘on topic’ (which was exactly right for the audience), delivering information and action steps in a concise, easy to follow, warm and engaging manner.
Karen was easy to work with – requested materials were provided promptly, and she actively promoted her appearance on the show.
I would highly recommend Karen as a speaker, guest or panelist for your next virtual or live event.”

-Cindy Carothers, Host of The Business Book Bistro at More From Your Book.com


captive truth book cover

As a writer who has recently had my novel published, I knew that with the expertise of publisher Karen Hodges Miller that my work would be handled professionally. With over twenty years of experience, she has an exceptional eye for editing and proofreading. Although most editors and publishers, I’m sure, could claim similar credentials, Karen Hodges Miller brings other unique attributes than just a polished written work. She is an exceptional communicator who cultivates the writer. I realized shortly after submitting my manuscript to her, that she was also assisting me become a better writer.

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accidentak saviors book cover

Not sure that I was capable of writing a complete novel that others would want to read, I worked solo for several years on a manuscript, hired an editor on the internet, and self- published Beginning Again at Zero in 2016. However, unfortunately I knew nothing about self-editing or marketing. But, I did prove to myself that I had it in me to write an interesting novel.

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finding kate book cover

Writing is by nature such a solitary activity that writers may often find themselves second guessing the validity of their words, often deleting and rewriting in a forest of overlapping pathways, often bringing a writer into confusion, if not self-doubt. But writing to be published should not be a solitary process. Working with Karen, I found a renewed self-confidence. In our ongoing discussions, she was always available, giving abundant time, intuitively listening, and patiently helping me to clarify my intentions with her intelligent and constructive direction for publication.

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Case Studies

cradle of stone book cover

The Client:

Jeff had been working on a book project for many years without completing it. The book was aimed at middle school readers, and while fiction, could easily be used by classroom teachers as supplemental material in a variety of areas, including history and environmental science. Jeff needed an editor and a coach to help him complete his project and identify the best ways to market his book to both the general public and to schools.

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celtic prophesy book one and two cover

The Client:

Melissa had a not just one book in her head, but an entire series. A lover of fantasy, she had been working on the first book in her five-part fantasy series for several years. She needed an editor and a publisher.

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touch a life book cover

The Client:

Sharon was a teacher with many years of experience working with special needs children. She wanted to write a book to help launch her second career as a motivational speaker for school districts, teachers’ groups, PTA’s, etc.

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