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Authorpreneur: Build the Business Behind Your Book

Available in Kindle and paperback formats

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Self-Publishing: You Can Do This!

Available in audiobook, Kindle and paperback formats

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How to Sell your Book Today
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Reader Reviews

  • “Karen Hodges Miller’s How to Sell Your Book Today is a treasure trove of information on selling your book in the current digital marketplace. Her primary theme—every day you’re not marketing your book is a day you’re not selling your book—is backed with plenty of suggestions on how to maximize sales by targeting potential readers and reviewers…especially during the ongoing pandemic. But this isn’t just a collection of random tips; it’s a comprehensive plan with detailed exercises, step-by-step instructions, timelines and checklists to get and keep you on track in your marketing efforts. Karen explodes the “if you write it, they will come” myth and discusses why it’s critically important to offer your book in an e-book format in addition to printed copies, the importance of developing and maintaining your own personal brand, and why blogging, virtual book tours and utilizing social media are absolutely essential. Her writing is brisk, witty and right to the point, and she pulls no punches—as she says, there is no “magic bullet” that will generate huge sales.  But she shows you how to generate those sales yourself, and as someone who recently published his first novel, The Killer in the Woods, I can attest to the success of the methods Karen describes, many of which I have implemented. Highly recommended for everyone who wants to achieve maximum sales of their book…which undoubtedly includes all of us who have ever written one.”

    Rick Van Etten