About Karen Hodges Miller

photo of karen hodges millerAs founder of Open Door PublicationsSMLLC, Karen Hodges Miller has helped many entrepreneurial writers bring their own ideas to market. Open Door PublicationsSM LLC has published more than a dozen books since 2006. In the spring of 2009, she published Unlocking Your Ideas, Your Book from Concept to Publication a book for writers.

Karen offers 25-plus years as writer, editor and publisher for entrepreneurial authors. She participates in a variety of workshops and seminars each year on writing, publishing and marketing books. Her experience has run the gamut of the writing world, including beat reporter for a daily newspaper, feature writer

and columnist, book author and magazine publisher.

Karen’s versatile portfolio and experience as a freelance business reporter gives her a fresh outlook on both the creative world of writers as well as the practical world of the business owner. Her passion for writing is fueled when asking probing questions on business and the people who build them.

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